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Bushmills whiskey September tasting

For our September tasting event, Waterford Whiskey Society were delighted to host Seamus Lowry from Bushmills Irish Whiskey at a very special event at Revolution Bar. Not only did we get to taste 6 of Bushmills finest whiskeys but Waterford Whiskey Society sourced a very limited and exciting Bushmills edition for the Society to taste.

Seamus talked us through some of the history of Bushmills distillery . In 1608 Sir Thomas Phillips was granted a license to distil and in 1784 Bushmills Distillery was born and has been going from strength to strength ever since. Seamus gave us a introduction to the distillate used for all Bushmills whiskeys, the key ingredient that ties all the range together.

We began with the Sexton, a 5-year-old whiskey aged in both white oak and European oak sherry butts. A single malt at 40% beautifully presented in a bottle echoing the shape of the Giants Causeway hexagon. This whiskey has notes of dried fruits, marzipan and dark chocolate. This whiskey is designed to be drunk with stout – a pint and a shot!

Next we tried Bushmills 10-year-old, Ireland first single malt. Aged in seasoned American oak bourbon casks the master distiller Colm Egan, calls this “a distillery in a bottle”. Its flowery and fragrant with hints of citrus – a light allrounder.

Then we moved onto the Bushmills 12-year-old distillery exclusive. Aged in Oloroso Sherry butts and American oak, this is an excellent whiskey with real depth of flavour.

Following on, next came the Bushmills 16-year-old aged in Oloroso Sherry and American Oak casks and then matured in tawny Port casks and chill filtered, this whiskey has a coffee espresso character with a beautiful colour.

Next came the Bushmills 21-year-old aged for a minimum of 19 years in former Oloroso Sherry and Bourbon-seasoned casks, then transferred into Madeira casks for a further 2 years. It marries dried fruit flavours with spicy, aromatic maltiness and subtle nutty raisin notes.

For a special treat Seamus presented us with Bushmills Distillery Reserve aged in Acacia Wood casks – a truly interesting 10-year-old which, at 47%, hits you a big punch on first tasting with a pepperiness and spiciness that remains. It’s fruity and floral, with hints honey and vanilla. It has a long finish lingering on the tongue.

And finally, Waterford Whiskey Society presented the original 10-year-old Bushmills 1990’s duty free 43% whiskey affectionately known as Green Bush. This was a truly impressive whiskey which was really enjoyed by all – all reaching for second tastings!! It had real depth of flavour and had a definite taste of more.

This whiskey tasting made for great conversation and debate and the lively evening was enjoyed by all. Thanks to Seamus for a great night and to Flash for hosting us in Revolution Bar.

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