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April 2021 – Method & Madness Online Tasting

Waterford Whiskey Society were delighted to welcome Midleton Distillery to their fourth tasting event of the year, hosted by Ronan Lacey their Brand Development Executive. A big thank you to Ronan and Ger Garland or making this happen.

The tasting featured the Method & Madness range of expressions from their micro distillery which has provided a canvas for experimentation at the distillery, and the whiskeys coming out of this playground provide a new taste from Irish whiskey history. While the name would indicate a small craft distillery, it is in fact the 5th largest distillery currently in Ireland, with the output between 5-10 casks per week.

Of the current releases in the range, the distillate is from the main production facility as the micro distillery distillate is still quite young, so what we see here is more an experimentation in wood. The use of different mash bills has however been a big part of their innovation as well, so we should see in the not-too-distant future releases that will include these distillates as well.

Midleton distils Pot Still and Grain on site. The Pot is from three main types: Mod Pot (Jameson, Spot Range, Redbreast), Light Pot (Powers, Redbreast), and Trad Pot (Redbreast 10Yo, Redbreast 21 YO).

All expressions went down very well with lots of opinions as to which was the favourite on the night with particular interest in the Chestnut, Acacia, and Cask Sample.

The Whiskeys tasted:

Single Grain finished in Virgin Spanish Oak Casks @ 46% - This is a core expression of their Single Grain whiskey, 8YO in ex-bourbon, and 1 year in Virgin Spanish Oak. Notes of pencil savings, bubble-gum, spice, black pepper etc.

Single Malt finished in French Limousin Casks @ 46% - Another core expression of Triple distilled single malt from Bushmills, 14YO (2nd Fill Bourbon) with 40% being finished in Virgin French Limousin Oak casks. These casks are traditionally used to wake up Cognac that has gone to sleep, and it has a more open grain than other oaks.

Single Pot Still finished in Wild Cherry Wood Casks @ 46% - Limited edition Pot Still (40:60% malted to unmalted) MMP Mod Pot 1, 2019 release of 2,000 bottles. 1st/2nd Fill ex-bourbon for 5 years and anything from 4 months to 4 years in Cherry (Blossom Tree). The wood was extremely porous with up to 10% angel share and there was no consistency with the leakage with some casks worse than others. Notes of green apples, vegetal, herbal, black tea etc. A release that probably won’t be repeated again.

Single Pot Still finished in French Chestnut Casks @46% - A core expression made from MOD Pot, finished in ex-bourbon and sherry for 8 years with 11-12 months in French Chestnut. Typical sherry influence of dried and ripe fruits, with a varnish note. Quote a porous wood as well due to its low density but not as bad as cherry wood.

Single Pot Still finished in Acacia Wood Casks @46% - A Celtic Whiskey Store exclusive (3,000 bottles) Pot Still, MMP1, 5-6YO in Ex-bourbon and sherry, and 1-4 years in Acacia. A very dense wood, low porosity, with slow maturation. Dark colour from the level of tannins, Notes of banana, banoffee, roasted chocolate, chili choc, burnt sugar, candy floss etc.

Trad Pot Distillery Sample - Trad Pot distillate from the micro distillery, March 2016 and filled into 1st fill bourbon, 60:40 Malted to Unmalted, A 12 cask vatting @ 60.9%.

All the best WWS

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