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January 2021 - Powerscourt Distillery Tasting

Updated: Mar 20, 2021

We were delighted to have The Powerscourt Distillery to kick off our first tasting of the year and were joined by Alan Malone their Sales Manager and Adam Holt their Head Tour Guide. It was the biggest event the society has held so far with 65 participants. We were delighted with this turn out and we welcome all members both new and returning and thank them for their ongoing support without which the Society couldn’t keep going. The line-up for the evening was 5 of the Fercullen expressions as well as a sample of their new make distillate.

Powerscourt are currently in 11 markets throughout the world including China, Canada, UK, and Ireland and have plans this year to add 15 more including Taiwan, Japan, Nordics, France, and Belgium. 2020 saw the release of three new expressions, the 13 YO Single Grain in conjunction with James Fox, their 18 YO 5 elements Single Malt, and a refresh of their Premium blend to an 8YO age statement. 2021 should see 3 more releases but Powerscourt remain tight lipped on these but indicated they would be released in June, Nov, and maybe a limited release of their own make whiskey in August.

Powerscourt Distillery uses the brand “Fercullen” which translates to the “Men of the Mountain” so an apt name given their location and heritage.

The capacity of the Distillery is 1M LPA but currently are producing circa 300,000 mainly of single malt but they have run some cycles of Pot Still as well as peated in 2020. All expressions went down well on the night with a range of opinions as to the favourite which is great to see and shows the depth of quality in all their whiskeys.

To pick a winner was therefore impossible but the 14YO and the 18YO 5 Elements really hit the mark on the night, and an special mention to the new make spirit which was a stunning whiskey packed with flavour and we look forward to tasting this post maturation in a few years.

We have seen examples in recent times of other young whiskeys from Irish Distilleries which illustrates that aged statements aren’t the ultimate indicator of good whiskey.

The Whiskeys: 8YO Blend – a mixture of 85/15% Single Grain and 16YO Single Malt @40% ABV 10YO Single Grain – Sourced whiskey @ 40% ABV, a great example of a Single Grain Whiskey 14YO Single Malt - @46% ABV a stunning SM and great value for money @ €85-€95 18YO Single Malt - @ 43% ABV 1.5 Years in First Fill Bourbon and then re casked for 6 months in a fresh Bourbon barrel. 18 YO % Elements - @46% ABV 16YO First Fill Bourbon then finished in Ruby Port, Rum, and Bordeaux Wine casks New Make Spirit @64% BV

All the best WWS

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