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May 2019 - Green Spot Single Cask Tasting

Our May whiskey tasting was without a doubt a true highlight for many of us whiskey lovers. The Waterford Whiskey Society held the special tasting of the coveted Green Spot Cask Strength collection from Mitchell & Sons Wine Merchants along with a few hidden gems from the Midleton warehouse. We were delighted to have Ger Garland, ambassador from the Midleton Distillery along with Robert Mitchell whose family have, over the last 200 years, developed the amazing “Spot” whiskey range, present to guide us through the tasting.

We tasted the three Green Spot Cask Strength Whiskeys – Green Spot Cask Strength 12 year old matured in first fill Bourbon barrels, the Green Spot Cask Strength 13 year old matured on Bourbon Barrels, Sherry butts and recasked to Bordeaux wine casks and final the Green Spot Cask Strength 26 year old matured in Bourbon barrels, Sherry butts and recasked to Marsala Butts. While Ger guided and introduced each whiskey, Robert took us down memory lane with Mitchell and Sons and how they began as a tea rooms in Grafton Street 200 years ago. Since then and through seven generations of the Mitchell family, they have become exclusive wine merchants and finally added the whiskey collection to their large portfolio. Robert was able to show us the original collection of whiskey bottles and labels as well as their price lists from the early 1900’s.

All in attendance were very excited to be able to taste these truly wonderful whiskeys and their was plenty of lively discussions and questions keeping Ger on his toes. Finally Ger introduced us to 2 special cask strength whiskeys from the Midleton warehouse, a 12 year old and a 13 year old, which were just as outstanding as the Green Spot range.

The atmosphere in Revolution Whiskey Bar was truly amazing with a real sense of the comradery of the whiskey lovers that we experience time and again when we all meet together. The vote for the best whiskey of the night was, as always, not clear cut with the 26 year old Green Spot just moving to the top of the list with the 13 year old Green Spot a very close second. We thank all those who came along and made the night so great and we look forward to the next tasting in June.

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