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February 2022 - Dingle Distillery

Waterford Whiskey Society welcomed The Dingle Distillery for its second tasting of 2022 which was held online on Tuesday the 22nd February.

The tasting was led by Alan Glynn their International Brand Ambassador, who joined the company late last year.

Dingle distillery were one of the first craft distillers in Ireland and have led the recent renaissance of Irish Whiskey. They laid down their first cask of new make on the 18/12/2012, and last year released their first core release of their Single Malt.

The yearly Batch releases of their SPS and SM will cease from this year to the last ones will be SM B6 and the SPS B5.

They triple distil and currently run the Wash Still (5K L with 2.5K L of spirit @20% ABV), and Intermediate Still (3.5K L) every day, and their Spirits Still (3.5K L) every 3 days, with an output of around 40 casks per week, which are normally supplied from Heaven’s Hill, Beam, and Makers Mark.

They have a 1.1T Mash Tun, wooden fermenters which are run for 72 Hours and 5 wash backs.

Their cask program is about 30% Bourbon, 40% Sherry (Oloroso, PX), 10% Peated, 10% experimental (Cognac, Tequila, Wine, Rum)

They are about to invest €7M on refurbishing the distillery, by adding more of everything on the brewing/Distilling side plus adding a new distillery experience. They will need to shut down production for 6 months and it will be a year before the experience will be ready.

On the night we tasted:

Single Malt New Make 65% - All Irish grain used.

Single Malt aged in Bourbon 46,3% - generally 7YO

Single Malt aged in PX Sherry 46,3% - 7YO as well

Core Dingle Single Malt Whiskey 46,3% 69% PX, 31% Bourbon. 10,000L tanks used as a solera method to vat the components together and keep the fill on it.

Surprise to be released soon Dingle Whiskey 46,5% - Bourbon Ale Cask (Porter House Devils Porter) This is their SPS B5 – 6-7 YO, 8,000 bottles @ 46% and 1,000 @ CS.

Mystery Sample (cask strength) –­ SPS Shiraz, CS @ 63%, 5YO full maturation.

This was a great tasting, and we thank Dingle Distillery for their continued support.


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